Just as there are many different reasons for addiction, there are many types of varying therapy treatments to help with addiction recovery. At Pure Life Recovery, we recognize this and offer a broad range of therapeutic modalities to help you or your loved one get on the path to living a healthy and prosperous life.

The first step to recovery is detoxification and overcoming the initial withdrawal of substance addiction.  This is very much a physical process, that rids the body of drugs and alcohol, and sets a foundation for recovery. This is when recovery from addiction can truly begin, and when we work with the patient to develop a treatment and therapy plan that is right for them.

At Pure Life Recovery, we have experts in several therapy modalities, ready to help you or your loved one. While each recovery plan is different, we offer the following therapy types:

Individual and Group Therapy

At Pure Life Recovery, we recognize the value in both individual and group therapy treatment. Our goal in all of our therapy treatments is to teach the patient a set of skills to help them deal with the elements of life that lead them to addiction.  Our therapists are trained and routinely attend continuing education classes and seminars to serve our patients better.

Individual therapy consists of one on one sessions with a therapist, offering intimate insight into the addiction recovery process.  These sessions aid in the development of a personal treatment plan, increasing the chances of successful, lifelong rehabilitation.

Group therapy focuses on being a place where the patients can feel a sense of community and offers a place where addicts can learn that others deal with many of the same struggle that they do. For a patient, knowing they are not alone in their journey can be a great comfort.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t only hurt the addict, but it also hurts their loved ones. Addiction can often tear families apart, creating a divide between the addict and their loved ones. At Pure Life Recovery, we provide support for both addicts and their families, offering many types of therapy that can help bridge that gap, and repair damaged relationships.

We work hard to help educate and support the families of our patients!


CBT and DBT are behavioral therapy treatments that help address the mental illness issues that are often tied to substance abuse.  The goal of both DBT and CBT is similar, in that the therapy aims to help shape the thoughts and responses of an addict’s mind, especially in situations that may trigger one’s addiction or mental health issues.  Through therapy and exercises, these treatment types can help build the skills needed for enjoying a successful, sober life, as well as avoiding relapse.


Addiction recovery requires a firm commitment from the patient, however, sometimes that commitment involves the aid of pharmaceuticals to help it succeed. Other times, having an addict quit their substance immediately could cause major health problems tied to the withdrawal. Pharmacotherapy is the use of prescription medications in the recovery process. This could include Methadone, Naltrexone, or other medications, depending on the individual treatment plan.

At Pure Life Recovery, we have one goal in mind, and that is a helping our patient’s return to a sober, healthy, prosperous life through a customized treatment plan. We work with you or your loved ones to find the exact types of treatments and therapies to aid in recovery. With the numerous types of therapy that our trained professionals offer, there is sure to be a plan that works for you or your loved one.