Dangers of Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Polysubstance use is the clinical term used that describes when individuals mix two or more drugs to achieve a particular effect. Feeling too lethargic on heroin? Why not throw in a little coke to get the blood flowing? A more popular combination is mixing cocaine with alcohol. A little sniff here and there when you are partying to improve your confidence may seem like nothing. Caffeine, cocaine, an energy drink, what is the difference? 

Why is Alcohol and Cocaine a Particularly Lethal Combination? 

The difference is that the two drugs metabolize in the liver and produce the highly toxic substance called cocaethylene. Cocaethylene puts a weighty burden on all body organs, especially the liver and cardiovascular system. Although it can amplify the euphoric high associated with alcohol and coca use, it also leads to hypertension, principal-driven violence, and reactionary responses that lack wisdom. 

A. Violent-Crime Mentality 

If you read about some kid being shot over a dollar, it’s possible that the crime was a result of the combination of alcohol and cocaine. According to studies, “Data suggest that the combination can potentiate the tendency towards violent thoughts and threats, which may lead to an increase of violent behaviors.” This could result in users gettin caught up in the moment and look for any reason to justify the exhibitions of their cocaethylene-driven behaviors. 

B. The Serious Risks of Cocaethylene 

Cocaethylene is associated with sudden death and increased risks of developing intracranial hemorrhages, strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, aneurysms, cardiac arrhythmias, and cerebral infarctions (necrosis of brain tissue). 

C. The Short-Term Effects of Cocaethylene 

The short-term effects of mixing this toxic combination (even in moderate doses) can make you feel like you can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t function, and might be ready to have a heart attack. Alcohol affects short-term memory and can make people forget about all the dangerous behaviors they engaged in the night before. Both drugs suppress the inhibition mechanism of the brain and lead to risky behaviors such as sharing dirty needles, having unsafe sex, committing violent crimes, and acting with reckless indifference towards others. 

Addiction Help in San Diego County

Many people who fall into the trap of drug use are self-medicating to deal with mental health problems. There are always deeper issues that have to be uncovered and managed. As well they physical aspects might require medical intervention and definitely require detox supervision.

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