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The 4 Epiphany Moments of Lasting Recovery

Spend any amount of time in, around, or near recovery or a group of people who are living recovery, and you will here some common phrases. “One day at a time.” “Surrender to become victorious.” “A drug is a drug.” Nothing changes if nothing changes.” And so many more. Each of these can feel trite, as any cliche can.

However, the reality is that these kinds of phrases or truths stick around because they mean something. They injected some kind of truth into someone’s soul that helped them go another day with out taking a drink or finding a fix. Probably, they did this for many, many people. And in recovery, that might have even saved their life, saved many lives.

Ultimately, these phrases represent some kind of epiphany. Even the idea of epiphany in sobriety is one of these cliched ideas, itself. However an epiphany is, technically speaking, a sudden realization of something. A waking up. From somewhere other than yourself. It’s as if this new understanding of life or reality has come from the universe or God. This is why the Christian church places the epiphany at the birth of Christ—something from somewhere else that represents the new way to “go.”

You don’t have to be religious to experience epiphany, though. And in addiction recovery, you will likely have at least four of them. (Probably many more, but these seem to be fairly common.)

Here Are the 4 Epiphany Moments of Lasting Recovery

1. The Original One

You have to start somewhere. There are plenty of impetuses for this original epiphany. It could be the intervention of people who love you. It could be the look of sadness in your child’s eye as you willingly hurt them, yet again. It could be the cold cement floor of a jail cell. It could be the sound of an EKG machine as you barely make it out alive from an overdose. Whatever the force behind it, though, the decision has to come from you. You have to have the epiphany that enough is enough. Nothing good is coming from this addiction. Hopefully this comes before it is too late.

2. The Commitment

This one typically comes in treatment. It might be the first day. It might be the 28th day of your third stint in rehab. But somewhere something inside of you has to click. You have to come to a realization that recovery is the only option for your future. That you were throwing your life away in your addiction. That yes, addiction is a disease, but the disease can be managed if you only, deeply need and want to. Often, on the heels of this epiphany comes enlightenment: life is better without drugs or alcohol! Life is richer. It is more joyful. It is filled with real relationships. It is life as it is meant to be.

3. The Work

So just because you have made the commitment and you have seen the light, does’t mean it’s easy. Your body still has a physical, psychological, sociological, and emotional need for your drug of choice. This epiphany is one that helps you see the need to say, “I’m going to keep working my program. Because it is worth it. And it’s what it takes.”

4. The Miracle

Some call this last one, “The Miracle.” More precisely, they say, “Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens.” There are a couple of things that are important with this. Implicit in the phrase is the command: Don’t quit! However, it also says that there will be a day when you have the miracle. Maybe there is not a cure. Maybe addiction management will always be a part of your life. However, there is also the miracle. It’s the epiphany that helps you say, “I’m a better person because of my journey in recovery.”

It’s a long road. It can be tough. But it is so possible. And the epiphanies are there to help guide you on the path.

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