Don’t take our word for it–our transformed clients can speak for themselves. At Pure Life Recovery, we pride ourselves on giving addicts their lives back, and that includes their own voices. When addiction takes hold of a life, it is not truly a life at all; the addict has been denied the freedom of joy, love, fulfillment, and often, even basic comforts.

No human being can be who they were meant to be under those circumstances, and we are of a mind to change all that. The road to recovery begins with the return of the real person beneath the addiction. Once they are transformed into their new selves, one of the most wonderful gifts clients receive is the ability to see and speak honestly about who they are and who they used to be.

Check out our client testimonials below, direct quotations by former addicts who used our services to bring their lives back under their own control.

My stay at Pure Life was an amazing experience. Having been to a lot of different programs this one had a genuine feel to it when it came to the needs and care of their clients. The staff was tremendous all of them in some way helped towards my growth and self-searching. The groups they had with a more holistic and open minded approach toward spirituality was exactly what i need to get back in touch with my higher self. I could never thank my treatment team and other staff over at Pure Life enough for helping me get some momentum back in my recovery.


I was born and raised in Boston, MA to a loving mother and alcoholic father. At a young age, I was exposed to things a kid should not be exposed to. As a young kid, I knew something within me wasn’t normal because I was always doing things that would get me outside of myself and give me a rush, like stealing, breaking into things, destroying things, ext. By the time I was 15 I was smoking weed and drinking. I knew there was a problem when I wasn’t smoking and drinking it was all I would think about and all I wanted to do. So by the time I was 17 or 18 years old Percocet and Oxycontin came into the picture, it was what I had been looking for my whole life without even knowing I was looking for it. A few months down the road, heroin came into the picture because everything else got too expensive. Now let me tell you something, heroin brought me to places that no other substance I have ever done has ever brought me to and by places I mean dark emotional, mental & spiritual places. I started to lie, steal from the people I loved the most, from friends I’d known my whole life, to random people on the street. I was in and out of jails & institutions and every single time I would get out of these places I would convince myself I would never use drugs again, and as soon as I would get out, BOOM I was back on the street using drugs and I was worse than before. After going in and out of 20 different programs I ran into a friend in a detox and he somehow convinced me to come to California. It was not very hard to convince me seeing how I was so desperate to change what I had been doing my whole life. So, I ended up in California where I continued to use drugs and get high for months until I was so emotionally broken I had no choice but to reach out for help for the last and final time. I got in contact with Pure Life Recovery in San Clemente, CA. I checked into the facility the next day because of course, I had to get high one last time. I did 30 days and it was one of the best experiences of my life, the staff was absolutely amazing, they helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life, they ended up turning into my family, they had some of the best therapists I’d  ever talk to. Pure Life Recovery has allowed me to be okay with me, something I’ve never been able to do my entire life. I am so grateful for everyone at Pure Life Recovery that was involved with my recovery. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be alive today to be writing this. So anyone reading this and is scared to reach out for help make the call to Pure Life Recovery, they so understand and non-judgmental it will make you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. So reach out & save your own life.


In 1996 I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and once I found alcohol I used it to, what I now know is called, “Self Medicate”. I had severe social anxiety and anxiety in general, I couldn’t leave my house without having a few shots or beers in me. I gave up on an incredible job because I couldn’t leave my house and I couldn’t last the entire day without drinking, my life was unmanageable. My employees and family did not trust me, couldn’t rely on me, and all had told me how worried they were. So I made the decision and went to Pure Life.

While at Pure Life Recovery I was taken out of my comfort-zone and all the staff took their time with me and helped me learn to function through my anxiety without self-medicating. My anxiety was through the roof and my Therapist, Case Manager, and all the other staff helped me every step of the way. I’ve never received so much love, understanding, and compassion from people that I had just met.

I now have 5 months sober and have utilized every single tool that they have given me in order to get here. I still have anxiety but I’ve learned how to reach out to others when I need help, calm myself down, and do something positive to change my thought process. My family trusts me, my employees can depend on me, I work harder than I ever thought I could, and I’m continuing to go to meetings and regular therapy.

Thank you, Pure Life.